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Single and Saved: Knowing Who You Are Before Marriage

Helping youth to identify the snares of dating versus courtship and understanding what is Counterfeit Oneness. What does God say about dating versus the world’s superficial standards?


Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Identify the difference between facts and myths with the following: STD's, Sex, Puberty, Pregnancy, Relationships, and many more issues teen face today.


Daddy, Where Are You?

This workshop will help youth to understand how a relationship with their father affects their relationship with their Heavenly Father.


Look Who’s Talking?

This workshop will help youth to identify who they are based on God’s word and not the superficial views of society.  The youth will learn how to set standards and boundaries among their family and peers.


The Little Girl or Little Boy Within

This workshop will help youth and young adults identify the inner conflicts that cause them to deal with their internal struggles.


Domestic Violence

The purpose for this course/workshop is to help participants identify their thinking patterns, attitudes, and beliefs that led to violent behaviors. This course will introduce concepts and social skills that can better equip and prepare the participants to utilize when faced with challenging situations. In addition, this course will reconstruct the participants’ cognitive behaviors/thinking in order to prevent a possible continuous cycle rather they are predators or victims.


Life Skills

The purpose for this course/workshop is to help participants gain skills that will help them be successful in their personal life, business, and career. In addition, this course will help the participants to become a productive individual.


Mentorship for young ladies 14-18

The young ladies will be engaged in a variety of discussions with several facilitators. These facilitators will introduce topics that will change, transform, renew, encourage, and stimulate the young ladies way of thinking. The young ladies will learn how to apply the concepts and lessons to their lives.


7 Seconds Rule: Think about what you’re thinking before you respond

This workshop will help individuals understand that everything begins with a thought, which is translated into an emotion, and in turn causes a reaction. This workshop will focus of seven specific areas that are affected based on a distorted thought pattern: Emotions, Physical, Psychological, Spiritual, Economical, Environmental and Social.


Workshops & Seminars

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Beyond The Exterior, Inc. is a faith-based nonprofit organization. We do not engage in or condone discrimination based on race, creed, religion or gender.


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